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Mother could be charged after child falls from window

Child falls from Ohio window, caregiver could face charges. Photo via sxcphoto.

An Ohio mother could be charged with neglect if an investigation in to why her 5-year-old son fell out of the family’s second story window finds the woman negligent.

The boy fell out of the window early Wednesday morning after a neighbor warned him not to stand in the windowsill. Shayna Shuman lives next door to the victim. Shuman told the Coshocton Tribune that witnessed the youngster fooling around in an open window while she was outside smoking a cigarette.

Shuman says she yelled up to the boy, “(You) better get your butt back in that house, or I’m going to tell your mom,’” she said. “He climbed down and closed the window. I walked over to knock on the door and all the lights were off. I knocked on the door, and nobody answered”.

After going inside her own home to help her daughter get ready for school, she said she heard a thump followed by child wailing. Not knowing if the crying was her own toddler waking up or coming from outside her home, she checked on her 2-year-old first and then realized the crying was coming from outside.

Shuman went out to investigate and found her 5-year-old neighbor lying on the grass after he fell out of his second floor window. Police believe several children were upstairs in the victim’s house playing when the incident occurred.

Now, according to 10TV,  the Cochocton Sheriff’s office is saying that charges could be filed in connection with the case. Currently Children’s Services is also investigating the environment in the home.

The child was taken to a local hospital and then transferred to the Coshocton Children’s Hospital. Shuman believes the child wasn’t seriously injured, but thinks he could have been.