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Amazing: Teens create live version of 'Toy Story' (video)

Jason Pauley, 17, and Jesse Peotta, 18,  of Mesa, Ariz., remake ‘Toy Story’ in live action and create Internet buzz. Photo via Facebook.

Two teenagers, Jonason Pauley, 17, and Jesse Perotta, 18, have miraculously gone through the painstaking effort of recreating a monumental and completely live version of “Toy Story”.

The entire movie is available on You Tube. The teens are said to have borrowed hundreds of props from family and friends and used live children actors to reenact the movie in its entirety. The teens even went so far as to put an ad on Craigslist to advertise for a dog to use as Sid’s dog.

The teens worked over school vacations over the course of two years. The teens, from Mesa, Ariz., met at their church and decided to recreate a live version of the move in hopes that Pixar would see it and allow them to tour their animation in California.

The teens went to California with DVDs in hand, but were denied access. They’re hoping that the right employee will see the film, either on You Tube or the DVDs provided, and allow them to visit their studios and perhaps be offered internships. Pixar has not yet responded.

The video has garnered well over 5 million views in just five days. You can visit their Facebook page here, under Live-Action Toy Story Project.