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Newtown parents discuss the fate of Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook Elementary: Parents discuss what to do with the site. Photo via Google Maps.

Parents and Newtown, Ct. residents met over the weekend to discuss the possibilities of what should become of the Sandy Hook Elementary school that remains closed as police continue to investigate the massacre that happened there on Dec. 14.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a public meeting was held on Sunday to hear opinions about the site where a deranged gunman shot and killed 20 first graders and six staff members.

Christine Wilford, a mother of two Sandy Hook students who survived the shooting, said, “Unless you were a parent of a Sandy Hook student that day and had to walk to that firehouse, you don’t know how we feel”.

A former Sandy Hook student in high school let her voice be heard, asking the school district to reopen the school. Merim Bajraliu said, “I don’t think a psychopath should take this away from us. Razing the school would be an absolute injustice to those whose lives were cut short that day”.

Some Sandy Hook parents agreed, saying that their children missed the school and wanted to go back.

Another parent, who asked to remain anonymous said that his child refuses to go back and that if the school were to reopen, he would ask that parents be given a choice as to whether they send their child to another back to Sandy Hook or attend another elementary in the district.

Newtown First Selectman Patricia Llodra said that a decision to reopen the school or raze it and erect a memorial will come after all opinions are assessed and board members deliberate over the best outcome.

Llodra said, “The process ahead of us will take months. But we need to bring our Sandy Hook students home”.

Families of the slain children were not in attendance. Their opinions on the fate of Sandy Hook will be heard privately, in a closed meeting scheduled sometime later this month or in early February.