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Police: Father carrying infant shoots robber in self defense

Father tells police he shot man trying to save his baby from armed robber. Photo via sxc photo.

A Columbus, Ohio, man, who arrived at his home shortly before 9 P.M. on Monday night, used the power of his conceal and carry license to shoot a man he felt threatened the safety of he and his 2-month-old infant.

Kelby Smith, 34, reportedly had his infant son in a car carrier, walking up his driveway, when a man approached ┬áhim, held a gun to his head and demanded he hand over his money. According to an interview Smith gave to police, after the robber starting running off, he turned around and pointed the gun towards Smith and his baby. That’s when Smith took out a legally registered gun for which police say he had a license to conceal and carry, and shot the armed robber.

The robber then fled, but police believe the robber eventually wound up at a nearby hospital, asking for help for a gun-shot wound. Police are investigating to determine if the wounded man is indeed the suspect they’re looking for. Police are now guarding the hospital room where the possible suspect is recovering.

So far, no charges have been filed against the suspect or the father who shot the suspect. Police believe that the father acted out of self defense.