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Teen takes bullet to save mom

Marty Kent, 17 – Family photo

Modesto, Calif. teen Marty Kent, 17, was shot and killed Thursday on his front porch while trying to protect his mother Robin Kent.

Robin told CBS13 that she heard yelling outside and she stepped outside to tell the group to move elsewhere.  A man in the group, holding a shotgun, fired at her and Marty jumped in front of his mother.

Robin said, “They shot, he jumped in front of me, like to push me out of the way.  He was in front of me; they shot him.”

Marty died in his father’s arms.  “He died half in, half out of his dad’s arms.  We prayed and prayed ‘God please help us’ until the point it was ‘God please take him,’” Robin said.

The family described Marty as a straight-A student who was ready to graduate and get married.  “He doesn’t run around with the drug addicts, the thugs or nothing like this.  He’s got a girlfriend that was his life,” said Robin.

The Modesto Police Department has arrested two men in connection with Kent’s murder.  Richard Lionheart Teputepu, 19, was arrested Wednesday, and Demaris Hunter, 33, was arrested on Thursday.