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Mom punks 8-year-old son

8-year-old was pranked by mom. Screen shot via You Tube.

An Oregon mother pulled a stunt on her 8-year-old son, landing both of them on several morning talk shows after criticism erupted over the ethics of such a prank.

The mom told her son that he accidentally purchased a $50,000 Mustang vehicle on ebay, causing the child much anxiety. The mother filmed the prank and posted it on You Tube.

The boy is shown, offering some kind of quick fix and then starting to sob out of fear when his mother tells him that there’s nothing the family can do. The boy calls himself “horrible” and claims his family will have to sell everything to pay for the car.

Critics are saying the mom acted irresponsibly in making fun of her child at his expense. The mom says that the family is playful and loving and often plays tricks on each other, and that it’s all in good, clean fun. The child has stated that he’s not mad and thought the prank was funny after he was told by his mother that she made the whole story up.

What do you think? Imperfect parent or just plain bad parent?