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Home intruders pry money from toddler's hand

Pictured above, 2-year-old boy whose $6 was pried from his hands while sleeping. Screen shot via

Ohio burglars, who entered a home in West Columbus a few days after Christmas, pried $6 from the hands of a 2-year-old boy while he was sleeping.

Danielle Mobley, the tot’s mother, said her son was actually sleeping with his fist clenched around his Christmas stash. “He loves money, and he was sleeping with it, and they actually took my son’s $6,” Mobley explained.

Mobley said she and her children slept through the incident. The thieves apparently gained access by pushing an air conditioner unit inside the home and crawling through the boarded up window reports

Mobley explained to that she was glad that her kids didn’t wake up while the robbers were in their rooms. “They could have hurt one of my babies, and I wouldn’t have even known it” said Mobley.

Police reports show that other break-ins occurred in the neighborhood over the holidays, but aren’t sure if all the robberies are connected.

Mobley said the thieves also took her cell phone and the family’s rent money from atop her dresser. She says she plans on moving from the area, but plans on installing a security system in the meantime.