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Eagle tries to fly off with baby (video)

Eagle swoops in and tries to fly off with baby. Screen shot via You Tube.

The Eagle has landed and as it turns out, the Eagle is a big, fat jerk.

A video from Tuesday shows that eagles are not to be trusted around human children. Too bad my grandmother isn’t alive today to see herself vindicated in all her hysterical warnings. As a small child, growing up in the heart of the Cascade Mountains, my extended family used to blow my grandmother off and declare her crazy when she used to yell to “get the children” as Eagles flew by.

My grandmother insisted that Eagles were out to steal babies.

“Yeah, okay, whatever,” my mother would say.

Turns out, she was right.

Hey, Eagle! Leave that kid alone!

Do you think the kid’s mother would have believed the father had he come home and said, “The Dingo Eagle took my bayyybeee.”

UPDATE: Recent news reports are calling out this video as a possible fake. If it is a fake, we’re crushed because now our grandma is back to being cray-cray. Sorry grams.