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Sandy Hook Elementary School may never open again

Sandy Hook Elementary likely closed indefinitely. Photo via Google Maps.

Connecticut state police held a press conference at around 9:31 pm EST on Monday, 72 hours after the mass shooting of 20 first graders and 6 adults on Friday, addressing the school schedule for students in the Newtown Public School District in the next few weeks.

Police say that school staff is meeting at the high school today to discuss how to best transition students in the school district. The entire district’s schools are closed on Monday, Dec. 17 until further notice.

Police say that the superintendent is suggesting that all students outside of Sandy Hook Elementary may be back in school as soon as Tuesday. Counselors and educators feel that getting children back into a routine would be more beneficial than keeping them out of school until the new year.

The exception is Sandy Hook Elementary students who will not be going back to school until sometime in 2013.

Rick Leventhal of Fox News said that Sandy Hook Elementary students will not be going back to the classes at Sandy Hook Elementary, where the shooting spree took place. Leventhal suggested that the Sandy Hook School may never open again.

State police say that the school will be kept a crime scene indefinitely, until police feel they’ve gathered all the evidence available at the scene.

When Sandy Hook Elementary students go back to school, they will likely be placed in other elementary schools, possibly outside the district.

The Newtown School District consists of seven schools including Hawley School, Head O’Meadow School, Middle Gate School, Sandy Hook, Reed Intermediate School, Newtown Middle School and Newtown High School.