Sacramento Boy Shaves Head to Help Friend

Screen shot via CBS13 News

In order to help a friend feel less awkward at school, a Sacramento, California, kindergartener decided to shave his own head. Jordan shaved his head to support his friend, Jackson, who suffers from alopecia, an autoimmune skin disease that causes hair loss. Jackson lost an entire head of hair within two weeks. Arine LeStrange, Jackson’s mother stated, “Sunday night was really bad. There were lots of tears and I was nervous. He didn’t know what the kids in class would think or say.”

That is when Jordan decided to help his friend and he shaved his own head. Jordan’s mother, Jamie Reynolds said, “My first reaction was ‘oh my gosh, no it’s cold outside,’ but he told me it would be ok. He said, ‘It would be the two of us. We could be our own team.’” The two boys formed their own club called Team Awesome.

Jordan’s support of Jackson’s bald head has influenced other children at school. Six other children have shaved their heads in support of Jackson and joined Team Awesome. LeStrange said, “Each day we drop off, and a kid would run up to show off his shaved head.” Even the school principal is a member of Team Awesome.

Source: CBS13