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Sandy Hook Elementary: Police say shooter wasn't let in voluntarily

Connecticut swat teams converge on Sandy Hook Elementary after deranged mass murderer open fires on elementary students. Screen shot via CT Post.

Connecticut State police held a press conference Saturday morning at approximately 10:15 pm EST to update media and the public on new developments. Police explained the the grief support system that has been put in place for the families of the victims. Every family whose child was killed has been assigned a patrol officer to ensure their privacy.

Police said that all weapons used in the crime were all located “in close proximity of the deceased”. Police also said that the history and provenance of each weapon will be scrutinized and studied meticulously.

At this time, police will not be releasing the names of the deceased. Police Lt. said it may take another day to finish up the crime scene and positively identify all the victims. The identity confirmation time frame has been left to the discretion of the medical examiner.

One detail that was confirmed was how Adam Lanza, 20-years-old, gained entry into the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Police are now confirming he was not allowed in voluntarily. Media reports suggest that Lanza forced his way into the school by shooting his way in.

Dr. Michael Boden, a world renowned forensic scientist clarified to Fox News this morning that rumors and claims suggesting  Lanza suffered from Autism and/or Asperger, had nothing to do with the shooting. Boden said that neither Autism or Asperger would lead a person to commit this type of crime.