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Stranger hands Grandmother $100 after gifts were stolen

Merrily Fugate (left) who had grandchildren’s gifts stolen by Alicia Livermore Petersen (right), finds a guardian angel along the way. Screen shot (left) KPTV/Mugshot (right) Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

Merrily Fugate, an Oregon City, Oregon, Grandmother, was devastated when she went out to her gift-filled-car this weekend, after finishing up some shopping, only to find that all her gifts had been stolen.

Fugate, whose first name honors her birthday — a day after Christmas, said while she doesn’t have a lot to spend on Christmas, she stretched the $120 budget that she had and was satisfied that her children and grandchildren would be pleased with her choices.

Fugate says she went into a Michaels store in Oregon City to buy her last few items and when she was finished and went out to car, she found her presents had been stolen. Fugate, feeling demoralized and heartbroken, called police and sat on the curb crying.

Fugate told KPTV, “I was kind of devastated. You work really hard to save enough money for Christmas and then somebody comes in and does that.”

According to KPTV, that’s when a stranger stopped to ask why she was crying. Fugate explained to the woman what had happened and that’s when the stranger handed Fugate $100 and then disappeared.

Oregon City Police arrived and were able to catch the thief red-handed. Alicia Livermore Petersen was still in the parking lot when police apprehended her. The stolen items were returned to Fugate.

Fugate says the stranger who gave her the money didn’t know that she got her gifts back and since she cannot identify the woman, she says she’ll likely donate the money to a food bank, an elementary school or a struggling family member.