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8-year-old suffers abuse for putting slippers on wrong feet

Police arrest father after he allegedly beats 8-year-old boy for failing to put slippers on the right feet. Photo via sxc photo.

An eight-year-old Houston, Texas, boy, was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital on Oct. 1, after police went to the boy’s home to investigate a report of an injured child. On Dec. 6th, a criminal complaint was filed against the boy’s father, Jonathan Walker, 26, for allegations of child abuse.

Medical reports from the hospital state multiple injuries including a swollen eye, belt and extension cord marks, and burns among other visible marks. Hospital staff also noted old injuries, some of which were healing.

When hospital authorities asked the boy how he got injured, he said that his father hit him repeatedly with a belt because he observed the boy to be wearing slippers on the wrong feet. The boy told medical officials that his father also punched him in the face. Medical officials believe this is how the boy’s eye was injured.

Court documents reveal that Walker admitted to beating the child, claiming he had beaten the boy to the point of injury on several occasions but told police that the beatings “are not as bad as what he used to get when he was a child.”

Walker has several prior conviction and a record of several assaults and domestic violence charges. He is currently in jail with bail set at $30,000.

Source: KHOU