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Runny nose thought to be allergies actually leaking brain fluid

Runny nose turns out to be leaking brain fluid. Image via stock.xchng.

Aundrea Aragon, a 35-year-old mother from Tucson, Arizona, had a tasteless, clear liquid leaking from her nose for four months. Doctors continually assured her that the liquid was a result of allergies. Aragon had a nagging feeling that something else was wrong.

Aragon believed that her runny nose was anything but typical. She told ABC News, “It wasn’t even dripping, it was pouring out of my nose. If I looked down or bent over, it would literally pour out of the left side of my nose. I had no control at all.”

Fortunately, Aragon followed her gut and pursued more opinions. According to Fox News, it was surgeons at the University of Arizona that finally discovered that Aragon had been leaking cerebral spinal fluid. The fluid was leaking through small cracks in her sphenoid sinus. The loss of the fluid itself is not dangerous because the brain continues to produce fluid. However, the leak put her at risk for developing meningitis resulting in a coma or death.

Stressing the severity of Aragon’s situation, Dr. Lemole of the University of Arizona stated, “If you are leaking brain fluid out your nose then you have the potential for catastrophic meningitis, the kind where bacteria crawls into your brain and 24 hours later you are essentially in a coma or dead.’’

Normally, the surgery to correct this situation results in a painful recovery along with dangerous side effects. However, surgeons at the University of Arizona were able to perform a less invasive procedure. The University of Arizona has the only medical center performing the less invasive procedure routinely.

Aragon is recovering well and will be monitored several times a year to make sure that she does not develop another crack.


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