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Father allegedly punches newborn son in face, infant dies

Baby Kahn, allegedly killed by his own father with one punch. Screen shot via Fox 8.

A North Carolina couple was arrested at their home on Tuesday after police came to the couples home to respond to unresponsive newborn named Kahn.

The baby’s parents, Brian Jack Frazier, 20-years-old, and Stefany Renee Ash, also 20-years-old, were arrested because police believed the couple were involved in the 2-week-old infant’s death.

The case went before a judge on Wednesday where prosecutors claimed that the baby’s father got frustrated with Khan because Frazier was up all night playing video games. Prosecutors allege that the baby starting crying and that’s when Frazier grabbed the infant by the neck and delivered a powerful blow to the baby’s face, killing him.

According to My Fox 8, the couple reportedly colluded with each other in trying to come up with a story to cover up the crime. The police said the couple discussed staging a kidnapping or disposing of the body.

Ash’s mother, Sandra Alston, the baby’s grandmother, said, “It’s horrible. I just wished they’d have brought him to me. I wish to goodness they’d have brought him to me.”

Frazier and Ash have another child together, 15-month-old Kayne.

Frazier has been charged with first degree murder while Ash has been charged with accessory after the fact.