Home birthing advocate Gisele Bündchen blog calls hospital births 'violent'

Gisele natural parenting techniques outside the mainstream. Photo via Twitter.

Model Gisele Bündchen, 32, married to New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, 35, has come out in strong support for home births and allowed a column written by her midwife, Ms. Calvetti, to diminish hospital births as “violent”.

Gisele gave birth to her first child in 2009 at home and is currently pregnant with her second, whom she plans to birth at home.

In a post on Gisele’s personal blog, written by Calvetti, conventional assisted births are described as “interventions and ‘violence’, so ingrained in our society, that a humanized birth without unnecessary interventions, at home, in water or squatting is seen as an alternative birth, for hippies or something for Indians.”

Gisele has been a long time advocate of natural birth, home birthing and breastfeeding. According to Fox News, Gisele claimed in 2010 that breastfeeding should be a “worldwide law” and demanded that moms breastfeed their babies until “at least six months”.

Gisele also said of her home birthing experience, that the process didn’t hurt one bit.

Gisele’s blog called hospital births, “mass production of babies, where routines are followed and the baby must be born as soon as possible.”

Gisele’s midwife also claimed that home birthing has science on its side, calling alternative home birthing “humanized”.

In August, one of Gisele’s writers wrote on her blog, “unlike what most people think, [home births] are choices that are consistent with the most current scientific evidence.”

Not all scientists agree however. According to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, “between 9% and 37% of planned home births end up with transfer to the hospital during labor and are converted into hospital births” so safety determination is nearly impossible to establish accurately.