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Teen missing, parents dead after trying to save dog from undercurrent

Big Lagoon Beach on a calmer day, took the lives of a family when waters became rough over the weekend. Photo via Wiki Commons.

A California couple and a 16-year-old son became victims of ten foot waves and strong undercurrents on Saturday afternoon after the teen went into the ocean to try to save his dog, a decision that resulted in tragedy.

The boy, believed to be the couple’s son, went into the ocean after his dog started swimming off while chasing a stick. The boy and the dog reportedly returned back to the beach, but the boy’s father had already gone into the ocean after them when they didn’t return right away.

Fearing that the father was in trouble, the boy and his mother set out to find him. The couple’s daughter reportedly called 911 according to the Times-Standard. Rescuers arrived to find the body of the mother and the father washed up on the Big Lagoon beach with the 16-year-old boy missing.

The U.S. Coast Guard starting searching for the boy using helicopters and life boats on Saturday afternoon but had to call of the search because of dense fog and large waves. Rescue teams believe the boy has likely drowned. The dog survived.