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Single Chicago mom has $105,000 in parking tickets

Mom gets over 100k in Chicago parking tickets. Photo via The Expired Meter.

An unemployed, single mother living in Chicago says the city of Chicago is trying to go after her for parking tickets totaling over $105,000.

CBS Chicago reported on Monday that Jennifer Fitzgerald retained an attorney to take her case pro bono after a car racked up tickets which was erroneously registered in her name. Fitzgerald claims that a former boyfriend bought a used car from her uncle and then put the car in her name without her knowledge.

The car was reportedly abandoned at the Chicago O’Hare airport approximately three years ago. Instead of impounding and towing the car, the city allegedly kept writing the car tickets every few days. The car was issued almost 700 tickets in that time frame, creating a fine tally that broke city records and possibly world records.

Fitzgerald’s attorney thinks the single mom has a case because Chicago violated its own policy by neglecting to impound the car. Fitzgerald says she couldn’t even begin to pay the fines anyway since she doesn’t have that kind of money. Fitzgerald has also had her license suspended.