Ohio toddler disappears without a trace from park

Emilliano Terry, 3, vanished while playing at a Cleveland park. Screen shot via Fox 8.

A 3-year-old Cleveland, Ohio, boy was with his mother early Sunday evening when she turned her head for a moment, and the boy vanished.

Emilliano Terry was last seen around 5:05 pm on Sunday at Kossuth Park in Cleveland where he was accompanied by his mother and siblings. Terry’s mother said she turned her head for just a moment to tend to one of Terry’s siblings and the next moment, Terry was gone.

A 5-year-old witness told authorities that he saw Terry get into a black car but the young witness was not detailed enough to say what kind of car it was.

Police and search teams began looking for the boy around the park and near the boy’s home late Sunday night. The search went all night, but as of Monday mid-day, the boy is still missing.

Police have interviewed family members and do not believe at this time that the boy’s mother or father were involved in Terry’s disappearance. According to Fox 8, the boy’s mother has been cooperative with police and the boy’s father had no motive as there has never been a custody dispute.

Emilliano Terry was wearing a gray North Face coat, a red and black sweater, jeans and black Champion gym shoes when he went  missing. Police are asking anyone with information on Terry’s disappearance to call the local FBI branch at 216-623-5418.