Homeless man credited for saving teen from abduction

Carlos Caban, 24, accused of trying to abduct three young woman, including a teen walking to school on Wednesday. Mug shot via Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

A 14-year-old Florida girl says a familiar homeless man saved her from being kidnapped while she was walking to school early Wednesday morning.

The unidentified teen said that a man in a white pick up pulled over and asked if she needed a ride while she walking to school along County Road 419 in Orange County. The girl says she declined and then the man started driving in front of her in effort to cut her off with his vehicle. She says the man then tried to abduct her when a homeless man came out of the bushes and scared the perpetrator off.

The teen said that she was familiar with the homeless man, Gordon Jones, whom she said the people in that area called “neighbor”.

Police found that two other women had reported similar stories of attempted abductions within 30 minutes of each other. One woman said the a man was driving a Chevy pick-up truck and tried to grab her but she fought him off and escaped. Another woman said a man of the same description grabbed her butt.

Police were able to apprehend the man shortly thereafter. Police arrested a man by the name of Carlos Jose Caban, 24. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Caban has been charged with false imprisonment, aggravated stalking and three counts of battery. Caban spent four prior years in prison for armed robbery, but was released in August.