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4-year-old left outside in the cold; toddler sister inside locked inside cage

William Todd Lewallen, 47, arrested after passing out and leaving toddler naked outside in the cold and another inside a dog cage. Mug shot via Tulsa Police.

A North Tulsa, Oklahoma, man has been credited this week for saving the lives of three young children who were being woefully neglected while their father was allegedly passed out on prescription medications and alcohol.

According to Oklahoma News 6, neighbor Matt Testerman called the Tulsa police on Sunday night after he heard a child screaming and upon further investigation found  a naked 4-year-old boy locked outside his home. Testerman said the boy had been out their in 40-degree weather, without clothes, for at least 20 minutes. Testerman said the boy’s lips were starting to turn purple.

Another neighbor, Bodan Jacobs, said she heard the boy crying and begging, “Daddy, I’m cold and scared; I’m cold, I’m scared daddy.”

Bodan and Toker Jacobs then brought the boy into their home and gave him clothes and a blanket.

When police arrived to the home of William Todd Lewallen, 47, they said they heard another child screaming  and looked through window and saw a screaming toddler locked inside a dog cage. After repeated attempts to try to get Lewallen to answer the door, the police officers broke the door down. The toddler inside the dog cage was covered in feces while another toddler was asleep in one of the bedrooms with Lewallen passed out beside the sleeping baby.

Throughout all the commotion, Lewallen failed to wake up from his drunken stupor.

Police say when Lewallen finally did wake up, he was unable to recall how the 18-month-old girl got locked inside the dog cage.

The children’s mother arrived home Sunday night from work, reportedly unaware of the situation at home.

Lewallen was arrested on felony child neglect. Lewallen is said to be the biological father of all three children. The children have been handed over to child protective services.