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Missing Alabama teen found 3 days after car crash

Tyler Campbell, 19, survived after being stuck in car wreck for 3 days. Photo via Facebook.

A missing Limestone County, Alabama, teen was found on Tuesday, three days after his family reported him missing.

Tyler Campbell, 19, had been the victim of a vehicle crash after he apparently fell asleep at the wheel of the his truck. Campbell was reportedly driving home from a church function late Saturday night, when he fell asleep, hit a guard rail and went tumbling over a steep hill and into a ravine.

Campbell failed at earlier attempts to climb back up the hill  because he suffered a broken leg and shoulder injury. Tyler said that he called for help, but nobody could hear him. On the third day, Campbell made another attempt to pull himself out of the ravine to which he was successful. At that time Campbell was able to wave down a driver who called 911.

Campbell is now recovering from the sustained injuries from the crash and dehydration at the Huntsville Hospital. Medics said Campbell just kept thanking God he was alive after he was found and asked if he could call his parents to let them know he was alive.