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Chicago woman in labor stops to vote

Galicia Malone, 21, suffered through contractions until polls opened in Chicago so she could vote before giving birth. Photo via Cook County Clerk’s Office.

A 21-year-old Chicago, Illinois, woman decided she was going let labor pains get in thte way of her desire to vote on Tuesday. At around 3 am Tuesday morning, Galicai Malone started feeling contractions. Malone was determined however, to have the baby wait until  her local polling station was open so that she could cast her first vote for the presidential election.

Galicia Malone is pregnant with her first child, but she wanted to experience several “firsts” today as election 2012 was the first election cycle she was old enough to vote for president.

Malone told CBS Chicago, “I never voted before so this made a major difference in my life. And I wanted this to be a stepping-stone for my daughter.”

Malone says by the time polls opened at 6 am this morning, she was one of the first in line, however, her contractions started becoming more intense and closer together. Malone said, “I was just trying to read and breathe, read and breathe.”

After Malone voted, she proceeded to drive herself to the hospital. Having already found out the sex of the baby, a girl, Malone presumably gave birth to her on this very historical election day.