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Beloved teacher dies while teaching

Lori Blomme tragically died while teaching. Image via Fox 9.

Lori Blomme, a teacher in the Minneapolis school district, died after collapsing in front of her students on Tuesday, October 30. The Pioneer Press reports that Blomme told her students in her third hour class that she felt faint before collapsing. Students were ushered to the gym as paramedics rushed to Blomme’s aid.

Blomme worked as a science teacher at Menlo Park Academy for the past 11 years. Menlo Park Academy is an alternative high school in the Minneapolis school district that strives to educate students that are not successful in a traditional school setting. Blomme was well loved by her students.

Student Darrian Lenoir told Fox 9 Minneapolis- St. Paul , “She was the best teacher. I did my best to try and pass her class. I’m up there now, and I’m happy.”

Not only was Blomme a loved teacher, but she was dedicated to the learning process. Student Marshaun Williams explains, “She was a great teacher. She was the best teacher anyone could ask for. She was always on you about your work, though. She didn’t play about the work. She always wanted you to get your work done.”

Blomme, 40, leaves behind a husband and 6-year-old and 8-year-old daughters.