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Suburban Chicago school district cancels Halloween

Illinois school district decides to discontinue Halloween to parents dismay. Photo via sxc photo.

A suburban school district just outside of Chicago, announced on Tuesday night that they will be banning Halloween and all Halloween festivities for their students within the district.

The school district decided to cancel Halloween because they think it’s not fair to the students who don’t celebrate Halloween. The Skokie-Morton Grove School District 69 argued that more and more kids were having to sit out the fun for economic, religious and cultural reasons, so the celebrations were insensitive to those kids whose parents didn’t want them to be participate in the pagan holiday or couldn’t afford it.

One parent who opposed the ban started an online petition (now closed) in which she made her case:

While respecting different cultures is very important, many of our children look forward to the Costume Parade and parties. It is unfair to the majority of families who do celebrate Halloween to cancel all school festivities with no discussion or input from anyone other than those who don’t celebrate it.   The Superintendent has noted that this decision was made because some families can’t afford costumes or do not participate for religious or cultural reasons.  If that is the case, why not make it a celebration in which all can participate?  There are other communities as diverse as Skokie and they find a way to respect ALL cultures. This decision appears to have been made unilaterally and it is unjust.

While 60 parents showed up last night to protest the ban at the school, the school district decided to make the decision outside of parental input, although they did say they reserve the right to change their mind.