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Father of newborn charged with throwing her across room

Bradley Kyle Eddleman, 23, arrested after allegedly throwing his infant daughter across the room. Mug shot via Edinburgh Police.

A Edinburgh, Indiana man is behind bars today after he seriously injured his newborn daughter by allegedly throwing the infant across the room.

Bradley Kyle Eddleman, 23-years-old, fractured his infant daughter’s skull after he allegedly threw her across the room. The infant was rushed to the hospital where medical personnel noted finger impressions and bruising all over the baby’s body. ¬†According to the Daily Journal, the police report said doctors found bruising along the baby’s back, knee and lower leg.

The infant was treated at Riley Hospital for Children where she admitted for a few days and then released. Doctors are unsure if the infant will suffer permanent disabilities from her injuries since more time is needed to fully assess if the baby will suffer permanent damage.