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Amanda Todd, 15, dead after relentless bullying by peers and an Internet predator

Amanda Todd, 15, killed herself after relentless taunting and bullying by peers and an Internet predator. Photo via Facebook.

Amanda Todd, 15,  was a Canada high school student who took her own life last Wednesday after she made a huge mistake and couldn’t live with the bullying aftermath. Todd made a mistake she couldn’t live down. Todd was fooling around with her girlfriends on a webcam and filmed herself with her shirt off. A predator  outed by a group claiming to be the infamous hacking group “anonymous”, has identified Todd’s stalker as either 30-something-year-old Michael Brutsch or 30-year-old Kody Maxon, a British native. Brutsch and Maxon are both known Internet trolls who prey on young girls and blackmails them.

One of the men apparently saw the webcam and blackmailed Todd to pose for additional nude pictures, threatening to distribute the photos to her school, family and friends if she refused. Todd did refuse however her perpetrator allegedly sent the photos to everyone Todd knew. Todd’s bully apparently gotten all her information from her Facebook page. The dissemination of the photos caused an aftermath of high school bullies, jumping on the exploitative pictures nature and used her victimization to bully Todd to the point where she had to change schools several times and started self mutilating herself.

After several suicide attempts, Todd’s bullies beat her and followed her from school to school, tormenting her online. They wouldn’t let it go and allegedly distributed her photos to whatever school she wound up at.

On September 7, 2012, Todd posted a 9 minute video on You Tube, detailing the torment she endured and asked other victims to stay strong. Last Wednesday, Todd was successful in her last suicide attempt. While Facebook pages were put up in honor of Todd’s struggles, she continues to be bullied in death, with teens continuing to mock and ridicule her and even creating memes called “todding”, which mock, laugh and celebrate her death.

The anonymity of the Internet has made the identities of these bullies nearly impossible to source.