Colorado police confirm body found was Jessica Ridgeway

Police officially confirm identity of body recovered Wednesday night as Jessica Ridgeway. Photo via Westminster, Colorado Police.

The Westminster, Colorado police held a press conference on Friday at 4 pm mountain time, officially confirming the identity of the body they recovered late Wednesday night as missing 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway.

The Westminster Police spokesperson said that it was with great regret and sorrow in his heart that he had to make this announcement.

Yesterday police refrained from positively identifying the body until the medical examiner could properly test the remains through DNA sampling because the body was found dismembered, or “not intact”. Garbage collectors in the area reportedly stumbled upon the body and notified police.

The FBI said that they will continue to investigate and search for the person responsible for Jessica’s death.

A police spokesperson expressed his concern to the press over the fact that a dangerous predator is still on the loose, “There is a predator at large in our community,” the spokesperson said.

Jessica Ridgeway went missing last Friday morning on her way to school. She was supposed to meet friends at a nearby park and walk to school as a group but her mother found out later that Jessica never made it that far.

Both of Jessica’s parents, Sarah Ridgeway and Jeremiah Bryant, have been cleared as possible suspects at this time.