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iPad purchased at Walmart for teen's birthday stuffed with notepads, no iPad

Courtney Akers, 15 and her mother Bobbi Linden were victims of an iPad scam at Walmart. Screen shot via KHOU.

A Sealy, Texas mother wanted to surprise her 15-year-old daughter with an iPad for her birthday after she had diligently saved up for the luxury gift she knew her daughter desperately wanted.

Bobbi Linden told KHOU that she and her husband went to her local Walmart to purchase the iPad for her daughter, Courtney Akers. The gift was given to Courtney a few hours after Linden had purchased it. Upon opening the gift however, Courtney found a box with several lined notepads inside, but no iPad.  Courtney thought her parents were playing a joke on her, but found out quickly they weren’t.

When Linden went back to the Walmart and explained what happened, the Walmart manager reportedly didn’t believe her story. The manager told the family there was nothing she could do for them, claiming she had never heard of such a thing happening.

Linden told KHOU, “I just thought they were going to give me another iPad. I had no clue that I was going to be accused of this [fraud].”

After 2 1/2 hours of pleading with the store manager, Linden says she and her daughter were asked to leave the store. Linden said it wasn’t fair because she spent all that money and had no iPad to show for it.

The family then notified local media who contacted Walmart on their behalf. Walmart corporate was able to track the box and determine that the item was indeed returned by another party before Linden had purchased it. Walmart also confirmed to KHOU that that this type of scam had occurred before at some of their stores. Walmart agreed to give the family a free iPad and report the incident to the police.