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Mom of disabled girl seeks restraining order against father and son bullies

William Bailey, 43, accused of mocking youngster with Cerebral Palsy. Screen shot via Fox 19.

A Stark County, Ohio, woman is seeking out a restraining order after she’s witnessed a father and son team making fun of her 10-year-old daughter with Cerebral Palsy on their way to the school bus.

The disabled girl’s mother, Trisha Knight, says she’s furious over the grown man’s behavior and the lessons he’s teaching his young son. Knight said of the alleged father and bully, William Bailey, 43, “I really don’t have anything to say to him right now. Not that I wish to say.”

Channel 19 Action News tried to reach Bailey for a comment but was quickly dismissed as he got into his car and drove away. Bailey was heard saying, “Get the camera out of my face,” as he drove away.

Knight says her children are afraid of Bailey and his children and now she wants to get a court order to protect her children and keep Bailey away.

Bailey has a prior record from earlier this year when he was found guilty of aggravated menacing earlier in 2012. News, Weather