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Teen falls from water slide at Six Flags Los Angeles

Black Snake water thrill ride where man forced himself onto slide head first and fell. Photo via

A 19-year-old teen was reportedly acting erratically and with poor judgement on Sunday when he cut to the front of the line of a very steep water slide at Six Flags, Los Angeles, California, and fell.

Witnesses say the unidentified man was acting drunk as he muscled his way to the front of the line and jumped head first, on his stomach, down the slide.

The ‘Black Snake Summit’ slide is meant to be used in a feet first position, but when the teen jumped on the slide head first, he wound up falling 60 feet to the ground from the steep incline. Lifeguards say the teen was about half-way down when he fell. Witnesses also say they couldn’t believe he survived such a high fall.

The teen reportedly survived the incident, having landing on trees and bushes which medics believed broke his fall. According to KSDK, the teen was alert and conscious when medics arrived, although his current condition is unknown.