Mom urges 10-year-old to shoplift, then flees without child

Marcy Keelin abandoned her 10-year-old after a failed shoplifting attempt. Screen capture via KGO-TV San Francisco.

A mother used her 10-year-old daughter in a shoplifting attempt at a Safeway in Morgan Hill, California. 38-year-old Marcy Keelin and her daughter shopped together at the store on September 19th. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that after almost entirely filling the cart, Keelin instructed her daughter to wait by the door for her to come by in the car. As the young girl attempted to bring the items to the car, the store’s staff intercepted her. Keelin allegedly saw this and immediately fled, leaving her daughter behind.

Authorities were not able to track down Keelin until this past Friday. The San Francisco Chronicle further reports that the police were finally able to reach Keelin on the phone Friday and she informed them that she was traveling with her 11-month-old son. Authorities were able to track her down in a motel in Fernley, Nevada. She was found in a motel room with her son and a male companion.

Keelin is originally from Wyoming but was visiting relatives in Morgan Hill, California. Police believe that Keelin may have been fleeing back to Wyoming. Keelin is expected to have an extradition hearing on Monday. Once back in California, she will face the charges of burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

KGO-TV San Francisco reports that this is not the first time the duo has shoplifted from the same Safeway. Two weeks before the September 19th incident, the two were able to successfully shoplift a cart full of items.

Keelin’s daughter will not be charged. She is currently in the custody of her grandmother.