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Father shoots and kills son who he thinks is intruder

Tyler Giuliano, 15, shot to death by his father when he mistook him as unknown intruder. Photo via New Fairfield High School yearbook.

A New Fairfield, Connecticut, man is grieving today after shooting and killing his 15-year-old son whom he believed to be an intruder.

Jeffrey Giuliano, a fifth grade teacher, was called upon by his sister at 1 am on Thursday morning, after she became concerned she was about to be robbed. Giuliano came over to investigate after grabbing a handgun for protection. When he arrived at his sister’s house next door to him, he found an intruder dressed in black, wearing a ski mask and armed with a weapon. The intruder reportedly lunged at Giuliano.

Giuliano then shot at the intruder dead, unaware that the presumed thief was his 15-year-old adopted son, Tyler Giuliano. Tyler was a sophomore at New Fairfield High School and was said to be well liked by his peers. Tyler was interested in flying and was a member of the aviation club at his school.

A neighbor of the Giuliano’s said that Jeffrey Giuliano was “everyone’s favorite teacher”.

Another neighbor, resident Tin Dikit said, “I can’t imagine what he felt when he took the mask off.”

Jeffrey Giuliano is reportedly inconsolable and overwhelmed with grief.

It is not yet known why Tyler was at his aunt’s house with a ski mask and weapon. The teen’s weapon type has not yet been disclosed either.

No charges have been filed. New Fairfield Police believe the incident was a tragic mistake.