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J.K. Rowling opens the door to another Harry Potter book

J.K. Rowlings teases possible eighth Harry Potter book. Photo via Scholastic.

Five years ago, J.K. Rowling basically said that she was done with the Harry Potter series and she wasn’t going to write another after the final seventh book was published, however, absence makes the heart grow fonder and now Rowling seems to be changing her tune, opening the door to a possible continuation of the series.

Rowling, who has a new, non-Potter book to promote, told the BBC on Wednesday that if she got truly inspired by a remarkable idea, she would do it — she would write another Harry Potter book.

Rowling has a few milestones to get through before tackling the legacy of Hogswarts though. Her new book Vacancy is geared solely at adults and comes out on Thursday. Rowling also said she’d like to write a book for younger children before she would tackle Hogwarts again.

Rowling did give a glimpse of what is to come if the Potter series is rekindled though, she said the books would be a “sidestep” story and not a continuation of Harry Potter’s story himself. Rowling told the BBC, “Where Harry’s story is concerned, I’m done.”