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Teen elected homecoming representative as joke gets last laugh

Whitney Kropp, 15, victim of bullying gets nation wide rally cry after being elected to Homecoming court as a joke. Photo via Facebook.

For Whitney Kropp, 15, from West Branch Michigan, getting elected to Homecoming court this year at Ogemaw Heights High School was the thrill of her lifetime, that is until she discovered the nomination was a mean spirited joke put on by classmates intent on bullying her.

Lucky for Kropp however, was a young man who posted Kropp’s story, along with his own tale of being bullied on You Tube, expressing his disgust that something like this could happen. As the video started making its rounds, Facebook support pages and blogs started popping up, cheering on the sophomore and encouraging her to be who she is with a national support behind her.

One such page, Support Whitney Kropp, was started by a mother who graduated from Ogemaw Heights High School some years ago and had heard about the story from a friend who still lives in the area. The woman started the Facebook page, to bring awareness to bullying and support Whitney in her time of need.

The admin wrote on September 14, “We need to show Whitney that we support her. She needs to feel like the beautiful girl she is. Please help us make this the best Homecoming ever!!”

Since that time, two local businesses have come out and offered Whitney a chance to go to Homecoming in style. One local beauty shop, Whit’s End Salon, has offered to do her hair, makeup and nails while another local retailer, The Glass Slipper, has offered her a free Homecoming dress and shoes.

The Support Whitney Kropp page currently has over 51,000 Facebook likes. Both Whitney and the admin for the page have been very careful not to implicate the entire class of 2015 in this unfortunate act of cruelty. Whitney even made her own You Tube video, saying there were also a lot of good people in her class.

Ogemaw Heights High School’s Homecoming dance and football game is scheduled for this weekend, September 28 and 29. Whitney has not yet fully committed to attending or not. Updates will be posted on the support site.

So far, the school has declined to comment on the incident, saying they are still investigating allegations of bullying and cannot comment until they have all the facts.