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New York high schools giving teens morning after pills

Plan B (“morning after pill”) offered to young teens at New York City schools. Photo via Plan B One-Step.

Thirteen New York City high schools are now offering morning after pills to their female students as young as 14-years-old.

Parents were reportedly notified of the policy at the beginning of the year and given an option to opt out by signing a form. If parents decided not to sign the opt-out or failed to receive it, the child is able to freely obtain Plan B emergency contraception from a school nurse by pill or injection on request, without notifying parents.

New York City schools has previously doled out birth control pills and condoms, but this year is the first time they’ve offered the “morning after pill”. The morning after pill prevents pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of having sex.

The New York Department of Education is defending its decision by claiming 7,000 teen girls get pregnant by the time they reach 17 and at least half of them will have abortions.

According to My Fox NY, the New York City area is involved in a pilot program, which is the first of its kind to give out Plan B pills to teen girls. Last year, the Department of Health revealed that 567 students took advantage of the Plan B pill while at school.