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Kansas toddler found padlocked inside home alone

Toddler allegedly living in filth and left alone behind padlocked door. Photo via Jason Smith.

A three-year-old toddler girl was rescued on Thursday after a bounty hunter found the tot y herself while at the family’s home trying to capture her father for reportedly skipping bail.

While the bail bondsman was unable to locate the girl’s father, he peered through the windows and saw the toddler by herself, surrounding by deplorable conditions. The bailbondsman then notified the Claycomo Police.

Police entered the home and discovered a toddler inside, without any supervision and allegedly surrounded by filthy conditions including piles of garbage, random clutter, dishes, left out knifes and needles. The outside doors to the home were also padlocked from the outside, leaving the child without a safe way to escape in case of a fire.

Police turned the child over the Division of Family Services and waited for the father to return home, at which time he was arrested. The toddler’s father was thought to have left the girl home alone for about 5 hours, leaving around 9am and arriving back around 2pm. Police say he left to go shop-lifting.

The toddler has since been returned to the custody of her mother, who also lives at the residence. Police believe the mother was unaware that the child was being left unsupervised. However, the mother has been restricted from bringing the child back inside the home until the house was cleaned up and inspected. According to the Kansas City Star, the child is staying elsewhere while the mother works on bringing the home up to safety standards.