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Laundry soap packet explodes, toddler could lose vision

Cartyr Jones, 21-months, suffered severe chemical burns to his eye after playing with a Purex laundry soap pod. Screen shot via KPTV.

A Vancouver, Washington mother rushed her toddler son to the emergency room on Friday after he grabbed a laundry soap pack and squeezed it, causing the pack to explode in his face.

The child’s mother, Cahterine Valach, says she had only turned her back for a moment when her son, Cartyr Jones, grabbeda  Purex Ultra-Pack and squeezed it hard enough to rip open the plastic. The concentrated liquid flew into the tots face and hair. Valach, concerned about chemical risk, took her son to the emergency room where they allowed him to fall asleep. Valach says the emergency room staff never checked his eyes or flushed them out.

When the 21-month-old boy got home, Valach says he kept his eyes shut for almost a week. Valach took Cartyr to an eye specialist who flushed Cartyr’s eyes out and discovered that the toddler had suffered serious chemical burns to his eyes. He had 20 percent chemical burn in his right eye and 80 percent in the left. The doctor told Valach that it is likely that Cartyr will lose his vision in his right eye.

Source: KPTV