Harvard pediatrics professor arrested after allegedly spending $3,000 on child pornography

Dr. Richard Keller, a pediatrician at Boston Children’s Hospital and professor at Harvard Medical School, has been accused of purchasing child pornography. Photo via screen capture from NECN.com

Police arrested Dr. Richard Keller, 56, of Andover, Massachusetts, after an investigation found nearly 100 child pornography DVDs and more than 500 high-gloss child pornography images in his home.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Keller “knowingly received films depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.”

Keller is a pediatrician at Boston Children’s Hospital and a pediatrics instructor at Harvard Medical School.

Keller was also the medical director at the highly prestigious boarding school, Phillips Academy, for nearly 20 years before leaving the position in 2011.  Former presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush attended the school, which is the oldest incorporated academy in the United States and enrolls students in grades nine through twelve.

Keller lived on campus at the school for most of his tenure and taught health and sex education classes.

Keller also worked at two summer camps, including the Joslin Diabetes camp.

Keller is currently married to woman that teaches at Phillips Academy and is the father of a young child.

Federal prosecutors issued a statement saying Keller “purchased and ordered over 50 DVDs of child pornography online.”

“At this time, more than 500 photographs and between 60 – 100 DVDs have been recovered during an ongoing search of Dr. Keller’s home today.”

Authorities were lead to Keller after they began investigating an overseas movie production company that sold films of underage nude boys engaging in activities like Twister, food fights, wrestling and showering together.

According to authorities, investigators accessed the company’s website and were able to see previews of the films and their descriptions, promising “ooey-gooey slippery goodness” as well as “nudist food fighting.”

They investigated Keller’s account and found that between 2009 and 2011 he ordered films 19 separate times and spent $2,695.

According to the arrest warrant, 5 of the times Keller allegedly had the pornography sent directly to Phillip Academy’s student health center.

Rob Graham, spokesperson for Children’s Hospital, said in a statement:

Providing safe and appropriate care in a safe and protective environment is the absolute paramount priority for Boston Children’s Hospital.

When the hospital learned of the allegations against Dr Richard Keller earlier today, he was immediately put on  administrative leave pending results of the investigation by the US Attorney’s  Office. We will cooperate fully with the US Attorney’s Office and all other involved regulatory and legal authorities.

No complaints or concerns have been  expressed by any patients or family members about the care Dr Keller provided while he was at Children’s.

Authorities are concerned that Keller has been in contact with a high number of minors throughout his professional career.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office released a statement saying, “Members of the public who have questions, concerns or information regarding this case should call  617-748-3274, and messages will be promptly returned.”

If convicted, Keller faces up to 20 years in prison and a lifetime as a registered sex offender.

The production company is also facing criminal charges.

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