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School put kindergartner in van with stranger after school

Teylor Kobernik, 5, was stuck in a random van with a stranger he didn’t know after school. Screen shot via KPTV.

An elementary school in Salem, Oregon dismissed a 5-year-olds protest when they demanded he get into the car of somebody he didn’t know.

It was the the end of the day for youngster Teylor Kobernik, who had just attended his first day of kindergarten. His mom told him to take the bus home but the school insisted he do otherwise. School staff told the boy to get into a van that was supposed to take him to Adventures Unlimited Childcare, but the boy had never been to the daycare before and his mother, Windy Holm, says that he wasn’t in daycare or after school care. Holm says that she signed a multitude of papers which explicitly directed the school to put him on a bus to go home.

Holm says when her son didn’t come home, she started to panic and worry, so she called Morningside Elementary School.

Young Teylor told Fox 12 that he was really scared.

Teylor said, “I didn’t know who she was, and I didn’t know the car, and I was crying for my mom. The lady told me that my mom knew I was going to her place, but I knew that was a lie.”

Holm said when she called the school to find out where Teylor they didn’t know at first. She said it took some investigating on their part to finally figure out that they had sent him to a random daycare that wasn’t listed in his file.

Holm says she is extremely angry about the incident and is considering having Teylor transferred to another school.

The school issued the following statement in response:

The school did make a mistake in sending the child to daycare instead of the school bus and apologized to the parent for it.  We are sure the same mistake will not happen again.  We took this incident very seriously and totally understand the anxiety the parent and child both felt.”