Teen girl 'stabs brother to death in fight over cell phone'

Yocairis Diaz, 18, allegedly stabbed and killed her brother, Frank Fortuna, 20, during a fight over a cell phone. Photo via MySpace

A teenage girl in Queens, New York, has been accused of stabbing her brother to death during a fight over a cellular phone.

On Friday afternoon, a fight broke out between Yocairis Diaz, 18, and Frank Fortuna, 20.  Neighbors said they could hear screams coming from the apartment.

Police say that it is believed Yocairis pulled a knife and Fortuna pulled a dog chain as the fight escalated.

According to police reports, Diaz called 911 and told the operator, “If you don’t get here fast, I’m going to kill this guy!”

A neighbor said that right after that, they heard another brother, Kelvin Diaz, 19, scream, “Help me, help me! He’s dying!”

The neighbor told The New York Post, “Frankie was lying on the ground bleeding and  his eyes were rolling back in his head.”

According to police reports, Yocairis then called 911 a second time and reported that her brother had been stabbed and then made another phone call before fleeing the scene with a neighbor.

Yocairis allegedly ran into another neighbor about a block from home and said, “I did it!  I stabbed my brother!”

She then allegedly when on to say to the neighbor, “You should have seen how he had me,” allegedly making a strangling guesture with her hands.  “I didn’t know what to do.”

According to police, Fortuna was brought to Jamaica hospital where he was dead on arrival.

Neighbors of the family said that the siblings often fought loudly and violently inside the apartment they shared with their mother – who was not present at the time of the stabbing.

Upstairs neighbor, Bryant Aracena, said, “When they fought, you could hear the walls shake and furniture being slammed around.  I was forced to call the police a few times.

“The mom would try to keep [Yocairis] out of the house because she would always fight with her brothers when she was there,” Aracena said according to a report by the New York Post. “The brothers would fight among themselves, too.”

“It got to the point where the brothers came out into the street and got into a few fistfights,” he continued. “It’s like they were trying to kill each other. These people have some serious problems.”

According to The New York Post, another neighbor told their reporters that Yocairis was often “very hostile and a big trouble maker.”

District Attorney Richard Brown said that Yocairis was arrested Saturday afternoon and is awaiting arraignment at Queens Criminal Court on a charge of second-degree murder.

Source:  The New York Post