Girl, 13, drives 800 miles to meet 'boyfriend', 12, who parents fear was really a predator

A 13-year-old girl who ran away to be with a boy she believed to be 12-years-old was found by police and reunited with her family who is concerned she may have been lured by a sexual predator. Photo via screen capture from KHOU 11 News

Parents of a 13-year-old girl had the scare of a lifetime when they discovered their daughter had disappeared in the middle of the night and left behind a disturbing letter filled with lies to mislead them if they tried to find her.

The parents used quick thinking and checked through their daughter’s cell phone, which she had left behind.  They searched through the text messages and voice mails and discovered “Dylan” – her alleged 12-year-old boyfriend.

“We’re trying to confirm that the person was on the other end was actually a 12-year-old,” the girl’s mother, Tressa Robinson, told ABC News. ‘There were texts and voice mails sent by him, and they’re very alarming.”

It was then that they determined that the note she had left stating she ran away to a girlfriend’s house because of bullies at school had been untrue. 

They worried that their daughter had taken her older brother’s 2011 brown Nissan Versa and her mother’s debit card and was on her way to “Dylan’s” house in Hogdenville, Tennessee – 921 miles from home.

Police were able to track the girl’s location by her transactions on her mother’s debit card, and one officer, Trooper Dwayne Stanford, who received an alert about the runaway teen, estimated what time he thought she would drive through his area and which route she would take.  He parked his car in a median on Interstate 40 outside of Nashville and waited.  Sure enough, at 10:24 p.m. a car drove by matching the description of the Amber Alert and he pulled the girl over, only 130 miles from where she planned to meet “Dylan.”

The trooper reunited the girl with her parents, but she was still determined to find “Dylan” – whom the girl said she met over the XBox Game Call of Duty back in March.

The girl’s father, Robbie Robinson, agreed to take her daughter to find the boy, concerned that if he didn’t she might attempt to find him again herself.  After hours of searching, they couldn’t find him.  The girl then finally agreed to return home with her father.

According to the parents, their daughter is now devastated that “Dylan” might have been lying to her the whole time.

“Dylan” had told the girl he would walk all the way to her home in Cyprus, Texas, to see her and that she could stay with him in his house and that his grandmother was aware she was making the trip to Tennessee.

“I’m starting to have my doubts. I’m really scared. I don’t know what type of situation she would have found herself in,” Tressa Robinson told ABC.

The girl’s parents described her as naive and sheltered, and believe that she had help coming up with the elaborate plan to runaway – which included changing the license plates on the car.

Though the parents have not fully decided on their daughter’s punishment, they said that she will no longer be allowed to use Facebook or play with her XBox in her bedroom.  They also said that they intend to have their daughter go to counseling so she will understand not only how dangerous what she did was, but also how much is scared the rest of the family.

According to the parents, the girl is not facing any charges.

Sources:  ABC News, The Daily Mail, KHOU 11 News