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Woman gives college student free car after he was struck while walking

Georgia tech student gets car after woman sees his story on the news

Vanessa Peebles (left) and Brandon Whitehead (right) after Peebles donated a car to him so he wouldn’t have to walk 15 miles to and from school. Screen shot via My Fox Atlanta.

A West Georgia Technical College student was given a car by a Good Samaritan after she saw a news broadcast about his long, 15 mile round trip trek to and from his college classes.

Branden Whitehead, 20, reportedly walked to and from college classes some 15 miles away. The journey took him 4 1/2 hours to complete (just over 2 hours each way).

Whitehead is going to school to be a surgical technician.  During one of his recent walks, Whitehead was struck by a hit-and-run driver, landing him in the hospital.

Whitehead credits his survival to his heavy backpack which carried he carried several thick college textbooks. He told My Fox Atlanta that he believes the books in his bag took much of the impact. He says about the whole ordeal, “I’m happy to be alive.”

That’s when a woman watching his story on the news couldn’t stand the thought of a young man walking so far to school and offered up a car to him for free.

Vanessa Peebles told My Fox Atlanta about the decision to donate her 1990 Cadillac Fleetwood to Whitehead, “The thought of my kid walking, I don’t even want to think about it. So I said nope, that’s it, end of story he’s going to get this car.”

Peebles said after she saw Whitehead’s story, there was no question in her mind that he deserved the car. She also said that the car comes on one condition — that he continue to do well in his studies.

Whitehead says he is extremely grateful for the gift which will reduce his several hour commute down to about 15 minutes. He says the whole experience has made him more committed to school than ever. To Peebles, he said, “Thank you so much. You’ve made a big difference.”