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Catholic High School football team celebrates win by hiring prostitutes

Five athletes accused of hiring prostitutes after football team win

DeMatha Catholic High School team, the Stags, have players facing disciplinary hearings because they sneaked prostitutes into their hotel room. Photo public domain.

A few players on a Catholic high school football team in Maryland are being accused of hiring prostitutes after their big win against rival Hillside High School in Hillside, North Carolina on Saturday.

The Dematha Catholic High School players traveled out of state where they stayed in a hotel room. After the big win, five of the Stag players, none of them starters, reportedly called prostitutes from their room, using the Internet to look up a “call” service. Although the players had 18 adult chaperons, nobody noticed that the five players sneaked these women up to their room.

According to the Washington Post, the chaperons did a room check at 1:30 am and 4 am but the three prostitutes weren’t let in until 5 am. An anonymous witness reportedly came forward, telling school officials what had happened.

The five athletes reportedly involved have yet to handed down any disciplinary action. The school says they will provide a hearing for the boys before a determination can be made as to whether they will be expelled or not. While the school says they can’t talk about the case because the boys are all minors, the Washington Post reported that two of the three players involved have voluntarily withdrawn from DeMath Catholic High School.