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Pink talks the joys of motherhood

Rocker Pink loves being a mom but still loves rockin' out

Pink posing with her daughter for her latest album shoot. Photo via Twitter.

Rocker songstress Pink met with People magazine this week to discuss the joys and life changes that come with first time motherhood. Pink dishes on her new “boring” self and says that she’s reduced herself to diaper changes and dinner parties.

While motherhood seems to have taken over her identity, she told People she was so involved in every aspect of her 15-month-old daughter Willow’s life, she wasn’t even sure if she could still write songs and rock out like she used to. But when push came to shove, Pink rose to the occasion and belted out songs as easily as they came when she first came onto the scene as a punky rebellious screamer. Pink’s new album promises not to disappoint. She said that getting back to her music was like riding a bike and once she starting writing, it just all flowed.

But make no mistakes, Pink says motherhood has forever changed her and changed her for the better.

Pink spoke of her pre-parenting days, “I was a delinquent. An angry, rebellious, self-righteous, ambitious, crazy person who liked to have too much fun.”

Now that she has Willow, with her motocross champion husband Carey Hart, she basks in her blessings:

“We have no idea what we did before having Willow. Having a child is the best thing that could happen.”

Pink’s new album entitled The Truth About Love comes out on September 18.