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Daycare worker confesses to sexually abusing 23 children

According to prosecutors, Joshua Curtis Ritchie, who was employed at a daycare and two elementary school cafeterias, confessed to sexually abusing 23 children. Photo via Prosecutors Office

23-year-old Joshua Curtis Ritchie was arrested on August 21 after a 5-year-old boy told his parents that Ritchie had sexually abused him.

After the arrest, Ritchie confessed to police that he had sexually abused 23 children ranging in age from 5-years-old to twelve-years-old.

Ritchie’s employment gave him access to hundreds if not thousands of children.  He worked at Cornerstone Childcare in Nampa, which is about 20 miles outside of Boise, Idaho, and was a substitute kitchen staff worker for the Nampa School District and at the Idaho Arts Charter School.

According to authorities, Ritchie is also being accused of sexually abusing members of his family.

The Idaho Statesman reports that police in Canyon County are still receiving calls from parents concerned that their children may have been in contact with Ritchie.

“We’re still determining the validity of  the allegations. I’m not disputing what victims have said, but the investigation  is still ongoing. It’s presumed innocence until proven guilty,” Kieran Donachue, chief criminal deputy at the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office said.

Ritchie has been charged with lewd conduct with a child and is being held on $2.5 million bond.  If convicted he faces the possibility of life in prison.

Donahue is urging families with concerns to call the Canyon County Sheriff’s office.

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