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'Beyoncé loving boy' devastated when dad tells him he is "not a single lady" – VIDEO

A 3-year-old boy was very upset at the revelation that he was not a “Single Lady” and burst into tears on a family car ride. Photo via screen capture from YouTube user loswhit

A father who was just pointing out the obvious to his 3-year-old son, that he is in fact NOT a “single lady” got more of a reaction than he had bargained for.

The footage was taken by the parents on a family road trip and uploaded to YouTube.  The three children (two big sisters and the little boy) were in the backseat and an obvious family favorite was put on the radio – Beyoncé’s hit song “Single Ladies.”

As the three children began to sing and dance around in their seats, the father, Carlos Whittaker, jokingly called back to his young son, “You’re not a single lady, buddy.”

Though dad was laughing when he delivered the news, the boy was absolutely devastated at the revelation and his smile turned quickly to heartbreak and sobs.

While the boy’s oldest sister found the reaction to be amusing, the other sister and his mother tried to console him and dad tried his best to remove his foot from his mouth.

“Yes you are, yeah you are, you’re a single lady,” the boy’s father said. “Sorry buddy I was just kidding.”

The camera then turns to dad, who says, “I’m a horrible father.”

On his YouTube page, the father, who posted under the user name loswhit, said:

So my 3 year old.  He apparently loves the song Single Ladies by Beyonce.  Little did I know how much he loves that song.  I was simply making a point that he, in fact, is not a single lady.  I thought he would laugh and keep singing.  Well he thought I was telling him to not sing the song. Man was I wrong. Notice my oldest daughter, in the center seat. That is LOVE. And I was looking at the road…not the back of my phone. You don’t look at your soda when you are holding it do you?
Peace!!!!!! Los

It’s okay, little guy.  You can be an honorary single lady.

Source:  YouTube