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Mother in 'manic sexual rage' bribes homeless strangers with beer to babysit her child

Laura Lee Kelly, 43, has been accused of leaving her daughter with two homeless people she didn’t know while she went and engaged in prostitution. Photo via Prosecutors Office

43-year-old Laura Lee Kelly allegedly left her 6-year-old daughter in the care of strangers she had never met before so that she could have sex.

The shocking incident occurred in Mesa, Arizona, on Tuesday.  Kelly left her child at Evergreen Park off Country Club Drive near University Drive with two transient strangers for more than four hours.  She did not leave the child any water despite the high temperature that afternoon.

“We were in the park because we’re always in the park, and we were drinking beer and she came up and said can you watch my kid? Four hours later we still  have the kid,” Ronald Baker, who said he took care of the girl with Maureen Wilson, told ABC 15.

“We didn’t even know her,” Ms. Wilson told ABC 15. “Mr. Baker here walked across the street  and got her gummy worms and gummy bears and said, ‘Where’s your Mom?’ The owner of the store said, ‘I think she’s prostituting in front of my store,’ so we had to watch the baby.”

According to police, Kelly admitted that she left her daughter and, according to a written statement released by police and obtained by ABC 15, “She came to the park and bought beers for some random strangers whom she later asked to watch her 6-year-old daughter while she went to make money.”

According to court documents, Kelly also told police that she “She had sex with one male and performed oral sex on another.”

Police, who were notified of the situation by a concerned passerby, found Kelly that afternoon sitting in the grass with a man.  The man told police, Kelly was “coming and going all afternoon and even asked him if he ‘wanted to (expletive)'”.

According to court documents, Kelly later told the police that it was a bad idea to have left her daughter with strangers that she had given alcohol to.

According to the court papers, “she felt a manic sexual rage inside of her which she cannot control and needed to have sex.”

Kelly is employed in the Mesa Public School system at Whitmann Elementary as an instructional assistant.  According to a statement released by the school district, Kelly is on paid leave while they investigate the charges against her.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Kelly was charged with child abuse and has been released from jail.

Sources:  ABC 15, Fox News