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Which cities have the most and least spoiled kids?

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The ratings website has put together a list of which cities spend the most and the least on their children. Bundle looked at how much parents spent on toys, clothing and non-essential items for their children and determined the average amount spent over the past three years. They then compared that to the national average. It did not include spending on necessities like food and health care.

Taking the top two spots was New York, with the borough of Manhattan coming in at number on e, spending 90% above the national average on their kids, and the borough of Brooklyn at number two, spending 67% above average.

Miami, FL (58% above average); Minneapolis, MN (46% above); and Tulsa, OK (35% above) rounded out the top five.

As for those cities with the thriftiest parents, Madison, Wisconsin spent the least (58% below the average). It was followed by St. Paul, MN (56% below); Milwaukee, WI (46% below); Indianapolis, IN (51% below); and Columbus, OH (49% below).

Also interesting is the fact that the twin cities of Minneapolis/St.Paul ranked at opposite ends of the scale.