Woman knocks down toddler, steals her iPad

3-year-old whose iPad was stolen after a stranger knocked her down. Screen shot via Click 2 Houston.

A 3-year toddler was the victim of assault and robbery on Tuesday when she got out of her mom’s car at her north Houston, Texas apartment complex where she and her family live, and was knocked down by a woman who then stole her iPad. The girl’s mother said that the woman approached her daughter as her back was turned while she tried to get her 9-month-old baby out of his car seat. She said she looked over her shoulder and saw a woman running towards her daughter and then saw the woman knock the youngster down and take her iPad.

The victim’s mother believes the robbers may have seen her family with the iPad before they left and waited for them to return home. She said the woman was accompanied by a man, both of whom she believes to have come from the apartment complex next door. She says she did not recognize either of them.

The mother, who does not want to be identified, told Click 2 Houston, “I’m like, what the hell? Why would you do that do that to a 3-year-old? Get a job!”

The girl’s father, Diego Morales said, “Who would do that to a little girl? I’m all right with people robbing each other, but come on. Have some respect for little girls…little babies…you can’t be out here stealing kid’s stuff.”

Meanwhile, police continue to investigate the crime in hopes of retrieving the little girl’s property and apprehending the thieves. Her mother says she doesn’t even care about the iPad, the important thing to her was that her daughter didn’t get hurt.